Sunday, September 28, 2008

Magic ruler created by Dr. Carpenter

Dr. Carpenter will be having his debut in lecturing traditional architecture at Yulin University of Science and Technology, Taiwan. After he explained to me about the lecture content, it sounds to me that the theme is like something about "gene mapping"; all the three dimensional housing space information is coded onto the surface of a ruler-like wood. So, with this piece of ruler available, you will be able to build such a traditional architecture only if you know how to decode those "coded symbols (see the video clip for some rough idea)".

Later on, I further conducted some Google searching with the key words of "廖枝德 (Zhi-De Liao, Dr. Carpenter's Mandarin name)" and "林宜君 (Yi-Chun Lin, the Ph.D. candidate at Architecture Dept, National Cheng Kung University; note that Miss Lin often comes to Dr. Carpenter's house at An-si-liao for the field research on her Ph.D. dissertaton.), respectively, and I found some interesting academic information related to Dr. Carpenter. Here is what I found:

1. 吳宗江, 林宜君, 徐明福 "三維雷射掃描技術應用於傳統建築木雕裝飾數位保存之研究 (The Study for Digital Archives of the Wood Carving in the Traditional Architecture by Using 3D Laser Scanner)"

2. 林宜君、吳宗江、徐明福 (Yi-Chun Lin、Tsung-Chiang Wu、 Min-Fu Hsu ) "擷取建築空間
資訊逆向推求數位篙尺模式之研究-以台南縣後壁鄉廖枝德師傅之穿透式架扇民宅作品為例 (Establishing Digital Zhang-Gao Ruler by usng Architectural Space information: a case study on traditional architecture with timber frame of penetrating style)". The 6th Taipei International Digital Earth Symposium (TIDES 2008), Taipei, May 15-16, 2008.

3. 蔡侑華 "台灣雲嘉南地區編泥牆壁體構造之初探 (The preliminary study on building characteristics of in-filled wattle and daub walls within Chuan-Dou timber frame used in the area of Yunlin, Chayi, and Tainan in Taiwan)", Master thesis in Architecture Department, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan. July 2004.

Well, scientifically speaking, I don't think Dr. Carpenter will understand what the above articles are all about. He knows every single detail of how to build such a traditional architecture, but there's difficulty for him to answer the question of why. As presented in her paper, Miss Y.C. Lin seems trying to disclose the secret of this magic ruler in a scientific way.

Photos 1 and 2 posted here are the blueprint Dr. Carpenter drew for building the very traditional architecture, while photo 3 is the magic ruler with coded symbols derived from space information of those side and plane views shown in the previous 2 photos. Also, in the video clips show the way to create this coded magic ruler. I really had hard time to understand how to create this magic ruler because of technological terminology in Taiwanese.

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