Thursday, December 11, 2008

Model house under construction at Dr. Carpenter's workshop (1)

I asked Dr. Carpenter on November 11, 2008 , "How about you build a model house as a gift to be given to Grace?" She is eager to receive any tiny present from Taiwan. That's a good feeling of surprise as she mentioned over the phone." He did not say Yes or No.

Last week, I called back home to send regards to my parents. My mother picked up the phone and said, "He is quite busy with constructing his model house, day and night." Three walls have been completed." I was glad he granted my request. It's quite a valuable gift to all members of Liao's family. Grace should be very happy to see this model house though not completed yet.

Here are some photos and short video clips taken at Dr. Carpenter's workshop. It looks like this construction project keeps him fully occupied. He knows he has something to do everyday, and this is good to a retired person. Most importantly, he presents his architecture skill and knowledge in a visual way through this model house.

Let's follow through this construction project with patience. There're another two walls to be set up. Totally this house will consist of five rooms, including guest room in the center, two side bed rooms, and two storage rooms. It probably takes another month to finish everything.

See the ongoing progress here.

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