Friday, January 30, 2009

Dr. Carpenter interviewed

Since the model house of the traditional Taiwanese architecture was completed, the interview of Dr. Carpenter was arranged on the first day of Chinese Lunar New Year (January 26, 2009) at the backyard of his oldie house. This interview covers the whole process of constructing this model house, which is in the scale of 1: 10, including (1) profile of Dr. Carpenter, (2) procedure of model house construction, (3) the magic ruler, (4) five rooms of different functions, (5) roof with reverse style, and (6) Q/A.

For those video clips in youtube format, click the upward arrow key to choose HQ for higher quality of the picture. Also, watch all video clips here at Youtube website.

點擊這裏 觀賞所有在Youtube網站之模型屋的說明


the interviewed: Liao, Zhi-De (廖枝德 Dr. Carpenter)

the interviewer: Liao, Chih-Hsiang

the photographer: Michelle

the ones who raised the questions: Steven, Pei-Yi

Part I: Profile of Dr. Carpenter

Part II: Procedure of Model House Construction

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