Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bamboo-like model house

Again, Dr. Carpenter completed another project, building bamboo-like model house. As mentioned earlier, this model house was made of wood taken from Longan tree branches, instead of using bamboo as building material. 

According to Dr. Carpenter, Bamboo house was built especially for the poor since bamboo was available everywhere and the cost was cheaper in the old times. However, if compared to traditional wood house, the bamboo house appears to be more time-consuming due to the curving bamboo shape, 

not perpendicularly straight. Thus, it will take more time to locate the centerline when connecting all truss members together. In addition, when the bamboo house was built, the rope-like climbing vine was used for fastening wherever the interconnection is needed. For the bamboo-like model house of Dr. Carpenter, the vine rope was replaced with iron wire, and the bamboo nails with iron nails, due to the natural material is no longer available. 

What about the wall for the bamboo house? It's simply by weaving bamboo slices into the wall structure.

 Then, the lime

 paste mixed

 with paper-like fiber material was applied on both surfaces of bamboo slices web. To this lime paste, Dr. Carpenter will be talking more about its preparation and pasting practice on May 18, 2009 in the upcoming conference hosted by Yun-Lin University of Scienc and Technology. 

See photos and video clips for information in more details. 

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