Saturday, August 29, 2009

Father's 80th birthday

In Psalm 90:10a, Moses prayerfully pointed out, "The length of our days is seventy years— or eighty, if we have the strength..."

Indeed, it's a big day of the 80th birthday and worthy of celebration. Father had stomach lymphoma about 10 years ago. After partial stomach cutting surgery and several painful cycles of chemotherapy, and follow-up interferon treatment, he was in good condition in the past few years. He is still doing regular checkup.

To this big day, we children and grand children altogether decided to have a thanksgiving birthday party in the backyard of our oldie house at Ansiliao. We designed an afternoon program with different events including: warm-up talk, hymns, God's blessing words, video clip ("my granpa's story阿公的故事" by Grace), love feast, gifts presentation, encouraging words, and birthday cake.

Here are the list of gifts presented to father:
1. a craft work of family tree (a meaningful gift reminding us where we are from and how we descendants are linked together);
2. a book of grandpa's architecture work (阿公作品集 cover page here, context here, and bottom page here);
3. electric shaver;
4. Amway's nutritious products (high protein of good quality)

This birthday party ended with the song of God's abundant blessing!

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