Monday, April 5, 2010

Wood chair project

After finishing projects of model house and chopsticks, Dr. Carpenter is doing wood chair project out of the reclaimed pieces of wood.

The chair is a mini one. Although it is not big, it sits really strong and solid. The joints are strongly fastened together, without using any iron nails but the bamboo-made nails. Oftentimes, the iron nails become corroded and the whole structure will be disrupted as time goes on. But, with the bamboo-made mails, such chair will last much, much longer.

See the video clip and know how the mini wood chair is completed. It really takes professional skills.


Steven Liao said...

Nice chairs! Can we order a few and ship them to the US? :)

Chih-Hsiang Liao said...

I'll pass your message to Dr. Carpenter. In this case, the chair should be more well-designed and manufactured since it will go to US.